We are open! Daniela and Sir Waldo have some great treats for U

Join us for a cup of coffee or one of our wonderful treats of the day!  

At Jahnstrasse 110- 70597 Stuttgart

Meet Daniela Merz

Soul Snacks menu plus a daily lunch


Hello there, Sir Waldo Weathers here!

Our hours


Lunch time won't be stressful when you see us. It will be something you will enjoy and fast!  German/American style .

Hours are 11:00 till 20:00 week days and till 23:00 weekends closed Sundays at 18:00

Have a drink and Chill under the TV Tower

We will have a little music every now and then to de stress you (Live and back ground music always does the trick. Old school baby!!!!!

You won't leave without a smile on your face!

I'm not a cook, I just fix shit LOL but you will love it!

Come have a German American Soul Snack to relax on your lunch break or from that long day at worked, with a little music on the side!

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